We went to Nashville.

  • Bobby Whyte to present a full paper on Designing multimodal composition activities for integrated K-5 programming and storytelling;
  • Freydis Vogel was part of a symposium on “Combining Scripts, Group Awareness Tools and Self-Regulated Learning – Theoretical Implications and Practical Implementations
  • Johnny Halls to the early career workshop,
  • Pryce Davis to run a workshop on “Communicating design-based research: A workshop for creating and interpreting design arguments and;
  • Shaaron Ainsworth to present a short paper on Designing Drawing Activities to Support Simulation-based Learning in Quantum Mechanics

OK so we did not go to Nashville -we stayed at out desks in Nottingham and attended virtually. If you went to ICLS too, please watch our presentations on the ICLS conference site and tell us what you thought. If you can spare the time for only one – can we recommend Bobby’s paper. He was nominated for the best student paper and I wish we could have seen him perform it live; but at least you can see the video.