Meet LSRI’s faculty and students. Together we strive for a rich and interdisciplinary understanding of learning.


Our StaffResearch Interests
Shaaron Ainsworth Representational learning; Technology Enhanced Learning
Charlie Davis Pedagogies of story telling and discomfort, Working class academics
Pryce DavisLearning in informal settings; sense-making in the public engagement of science
Tony FisherDesign of ICT for learning, and teacher professional development
Jonathan HallsPrimary science education; early years education
Tim Jay Psychology of Education, particularly Maths Education
Jane MedwellHomework, handwriting and composition in primary schools; primary education in International Schools
Mary OliverScience education, engagement and learning
Lenka Schnaubert Collaborative learning in small groups; self regulation; AI
Sarah SpeightTeaching and learning in higher education; online learning
Denise SweeneyLearning and teaching in higher education; learning design
Peter Woods Creative production, arts-based education, situated technologies
Gabriela Zapata Multiliteracies-based second language education; computer supported collaborative learning


Honorary Professors

Our Associates
Charles CrookUniversity of Nottingham
Colin Harrison University of Nottingham
Katharina Scheiter,University of Potsdam
Mike StieffUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Wouter Van JoolingenFreudenthal Institute, Utrecht University

Current Phd and EdD students

StudentThesis Topic
Caroline AndersonThe experiences of university students with differing epistemic beliefs in response to an intervention designed to support them in constructing arguments from multiple online documents?
Gemma RolfePrimary Computing Three Years On: How can we change the teaching of computational thinking within a primary school?
Emma StringfellowProfessional Vision in fMRI interpretation
Jiahong LiaoTeaching of Chinese characters in the UK
Peiyu WangAnonymity in multi-cultural classroom discussions
Yohan RubiyantoroEarly Years professional development in Indonesia
Yan LongFathers in early years education in China
Galuh C.W. PrabowaMulti-representational learning in chemistry
Yanwenjen LiuEscape rooms games in history education
Licong Ha

Some of our graduated doctoral students and their topics can be found here