What can you do help your study of remote lectures, readings and other forms of learning?

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  • The good news is there are lots of things that you can to help make learning more effective and even more enjoyable.
  • This blog contains links to a set of growing resources, which each focuses on a way to learn, considers the resources you will need, addresses when and why its useful to learn in this way and often give you opportunities to practice.
  • These approaches are based on a significant quantity of underpinning research.
  • We will be releasing more over the next days and months so do check back here regularly.

Deeper Understanding

If you want to develop deeper understanding by building upon what you have studied and going beyond it to fill in gaps or generate new ideas

Or if you would prefer to write or talk how about

Remember and Apply

If you want to remember what you are studying, not just till tomorrow but for months or years afterwards, try this.