25 years of Learning Sciences at Nottingham

To celebrate our first 25 years at the University of Nottingham, we are reflecting on how Learning Sciences informs a wide variety of issues relevant for policy and practice.

This event will take place in the Exchange Building at the University of Nottingham in Room C33 on the 21st and 22nd of June and the programme of the day is below.

If you are interested in attending this free event, please contact Shaaron Ainsworth (Shaaron.Ainsworth at Nottingham.ac.uk) for booking information.

Time And DateEvent
Thursday 21st June
Welcome and introductions
2:30Keynotes 1: The social turn in learning sciences
Claire O'Malley:Learning sciences: enhancing and understanding collaborative learning
Charles Crook: Learning sciences: Understanding the dark side of collaboration
3:45Keynotes 2: Innovative learning environments
Jake Habgood: Learning Sciences: The design of effective gameplay
Danae Stanton Fraser: Learning Sciences: understanding the psychological impact of the use of virtual environments
Andy Manches: Learning Sciences: the role of the body in learning
5:00Discussion of Day 1 themes
6:00End and move to Dinner
6:30Dinner at Spokes: The Jubilee Conference Centre
Friday 22nd June:
9:15Keynotes 3: Disciplinary Practices and the learning sciences
Wouter van Joolingen:Learning Sciences: Understanding students' conceptions about science.
Matthew Inglis: Learning sciences and mathematics education: A history of non-interaction?
10:30Keynotes 4: The places of learning: unconventional spaces
Brett Bligh: Learning sciences and the design of learning spaces
Pryce Davis: Learning sciences and learning outside the classroom
Mike Sharples: Learning sciences and the science of learning at scale
11:30 Discussion Day Two Themes
13:00End and Lunch