Every day people are inundated with claims of knowledge through many media avenues. Understanding how people make sense of and use these claims to inform their lives is of paramount importance to the development of our societies.

Public Knowledge Learning project envisions all of actors in public discourse as learners who simultaneously act as both producers and consumers of knowledge, and who interact with one another through in-the-moment meaning making.

Lead by LSRI’s Dr. Pryce Davis, the Public Knowledge Learning project attempts to understand how claims of knowledge are constructed and communicated through various media and how these claims impact the decisions people make in their everyday lives.

For example, Dr. Davis’s work has followed pieces of scientific research on the pathways of public communication— from scientist, to journalist, and to the general public—through various interactions and texts. In order to understand how each individual and text makes meaning from scientific claims.

A science learner making sense of a news story
A science learner making sense of a news story

Sample papers:

Davis, P. R., & Russ, R. S. (2015). Dynamic framing in the communication of scientific research: Texts and interactions. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 52(2), 221-252.