We research the cognitive, affective and social aspects of learning to enhance education. We design innovative technologies and environments for learners of ages in schools, colleges, and outside formal education.

We are a centre of excellence for research in the learning sciences and the first such research institute in the UK, forming part of the wider network of academics programmes in the learning sciences (NAPLES)

Learning scientists are interdisciplinary: we draw on cognitive science, educational psychology, computer science, anthropology, sociology, information sciences, neurosciences as well as education. We aim to understand learning at every level: from a neuron to a society. And at every time scale: from the millisecond to the century.

So, if you want to understand learning as well and would like to either collaborate with us as a research partner or study for a MA degree in Digital Teaching and Learning or a PhD in Learning Sciences do explore our site, follow our social media presence or get in touch directly.