FacilitatorDate and TimeLocationTopic
Upcoming Learning Lunches
Charles Crook19 March, 2019 1pmExchange Building, B35Coursework: sources of stress
Past Learning Lunches
Pryce Davis12 March, 2019 1pmExchange Building, B35Learning sciences and fake news
Charles Crook5 March, 2019 1pmExchange Building, B35Unsettling thoughts on reading the British Journal of Educational Technology
Shaaron Ainsworth26 February, 2019 1pmExchange Building, B35Visualising the MA dissertation process: Making an image together
Eliza Rybska19 February, 2019 1pmExchange Building, B35Is a picture worth a 1000 words? Relationships between senseption, perception and cognition
Jonathan Halls5 February, 2019 1pmExchange Building, B35Promoting children’s positive attitudes towards pro-environmental behaviours: encouraging understanding, agency and motivation through gamebook
Ipek Saralar4 December, 2018 1pmExchange Building, B35Three-dimensional shapes after-school lessons: Student experiences and learning outcomes
Shaaron Ainsworth27 November, 2018 12pmExchange Building, B35Discussion of Design and design-based research video from ISLS NAPLES.
Anselm Strohmaier 20 November, 2018 12pmExchange Building, B35Writing-to-learn on tablet computers in Mathematics
Freydis Vogel13 November, 2018 12pmExchange Building, B35Evidence Based Practice for Teachers and Teacher Educators
Robert Whyte6 November, 2018, 12pmExchange Building, B35Exploring multimodal composition in programming activities: Supporting literacy skills and computational thinking
Charles Crook30 October, 2018, 12pmExchange Building, B35Educational research: trickling-on-down?
Ipek Saralar23 October, 2018, 1pmExchange Building, B35The RETA Three-dimensional Shapes Teaching Model
Pryce Davis16 October, 2018, 12pmExchange Building, B35Visualizing qualitative data
Shaaron Ainsworth9 October, 2018, 12pmExchange Building, B35The metaphor of educational architecture