Congratulations to Ipek Saralar who published her first journal article titled “The Evaluation of a Pre-service Mathematics Teacher’s TPACK: A Case of 3D Shapes with GeoGebra” in the International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education (IJTME). Below is the editor’s introduction to the paper. Want to read more? Contact Ipek on or click here for her blog.

“The first paper by Ipek Saralar, Mine Işıksal-Bostan and Didem Akyüz reports their findings from a case study about how a pre-service trainee teacher developed her technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) during her school experience. The mathematical topic is 3D shapes and the trainee teacher (Deniz) used GeoGebra to teach the topic. Deniz’s TPACK was assessed according to four themes: curriculum and assessment, learning, teaching, and access, comprising five levels of recognising, accepting, adapting, exploring and advancing. Through observations and interview, Saralar, Işıksal-Bostan and Akyüz found that Deniz’s TPACK showed an observable development in teaching with technology, and it seems dynamic and multiple representations of GeoGebra helped this development. I agree with their suggestion “Teacher education programmes might require complementary technology courses (e.g. a GeoGebra course) during the school experience course to help teacher candidates to gain the necessary knowledge and competencies as well as to provide effective teaching in technology-based maths classes”, and I look forward to their further studies to investigate what courses can be designed to effectively improve teachers’ TPACK.” Dr Taro Fujita

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