The EARLI SIG 20 and SIG 26 conference will take place in Jerusalem, Israel, from October 9 to October 12.

The conference team is “Argumentation and Inquiry as Venues for Civic Education” and combines the two special interest group of EARLI: SIG 20 “Inquiry Learning” and SIG 26 “Argumentation, Dialogue and Reasoning”.

Our LSRI member Freydis is co-organizing the conference in her role as JURE assistant coordinator of EARLI SIG 26, together with the other two coordinators Armin Weinberger from the University of Saarland and Baruch Schwarz from the Herbrew University of Jerusalem.

The conference will be a vibrant platform for Learning Sciences or Learning and Instruction researchers from all over the world. Highlights of the conference will be the four keynote talks that will be held by Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Eleni Kyza, Hugo Mercier and Robin Alexander.

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