The BETT show: A multimodal reflection

Charles Crook recounted a visit made to this educational technology trade show with a group of postgraduate students studying the MA in ‘Learning, Technology and Education‘. The presentation was set against a number of photos, videos and soundphotos (and hence a bit multimodal). That record is linked here.

We say many screens.  Few printers (although two sluggish 3D printers), lot of tablets, few laptops.  We also saw a lot of solutions to the problem of ‘security and surveillance’.  The latter extending into services that promised parents full digital records of their children’s daily experience (and achievements) at a preschool group.  The reach of the educational institution into the home was also marked by new services that deliver school news (and demands?) to the parent’s smartphone app.

Not many small exhibitors anymore – a lack of the enthusiast marketing one or two innovative (or quirky) products.  Perhaps they are priced out of this arena.

Here is the human dimension:


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